“Accent on Achievement”: A Comprehensive Band Method for Success, Growth, and Musical Discovery

“Accent on Achievement” is more than just a band method book; it’s a comprehensive guide to success, growth, and musical discovery for young musicians. Created by John O’Reilly and Mark Williams, this method offers a progressive and engaging approach to band instruction.

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A Comprehensive Approach

A Graded Curriculum

“Accent on Achievement” offers a graded curriculum that guides students through the fundamentals of playing in a band. Its well-structured lessons and exercises provide a clear path to musical development.

Balancing Technique, Theory, and Musicianship

The method emphasizes a balance between technique, theory, and musicianship. Students are taught to read music, develop technical skills, and cultivate a deeper understanding of musical concepts.

A Supportive and Engaging Method

Engaging Materials

“Accent on Achievement” includes engaging materials such as play-along tracks, colorful illustrations, and interactive exercises. These resources enhance the learning experience and keep students motivated.

A Tool for Educators

Band directors and music educators find “Accent on Achievement” a valuable resource for teaching young musicians. The method’s systematic approach and supportive materials make it an effective tool for various teaching settings.


“Accent on Achievement” is more than just a band method book; it’s a comprehensive guide that supports success, growth, and musical discovery. Its thoughtful design, engaging content, and emphasis on fundamental skills make it a trusted choice for young musicians and educators alike. It’s not just a book; it’s a musical journey that opens the door to creativity, expression, and the joy of playing in a band.

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